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Hey, My name is shockingelectric (or Rebekah)!
I'm a 17-year-old music producer who uses a software called Vocaloid.

Firstly, what is Vocaloid?
Well, humble reader, Vocaloid is a Japanese singing software which has many different voices aka characters you can choose from.
Each Vocaloid usually has an anime character on the box (there are a few exceptions but the fanbase usually makes an anime character for them anyway) and a voice (obvz).

Why do you use Vocaloid?
I use vocaloid because I am not great at singing, and probably not confident enough to sing my own songs. I also enjoy the sense of community Vocaloid brings to people. People enjoy listening to music that their favourite Vocaloid has sung, and every producer tunes them a different way and writes different music. Every song is so different and diverse yet all have the same commonality, the vocaloid. That's why I use it and that's why I love it.

How long have you been writing music?
I have done musical things ever since I was young, but it's only recently that I started writing music.
I released my first song on my youtube account back in 2016 and I've only been improving since then!

How will the money from Patreon be spent?
Currently, I do almost everything when I make a song.
I do the art, PV, mixing and the song. There is a lot of stress in doing all of this myself, and I'm not the best at art or video editing. 
I'd love to be able to hire people to help me do these things, so I can really focus on creating great songs.
I think my video quality would improve significantly if somebody more qualified in art and video editing could help me out.

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When I reach 50 Patrons, I will make my first ever video where I sit down and talk to everyone. Everyone can ask me questions however if you are a Patron your questions will be first priority
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