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About Shoe

yes hello, i am june aka shoe0nhead.
i live in new york. i have a bunny named ollie.
i make social commentary about stupid things i see around the internet with a comfy oldschool webcam in my bedroom. basically i sit in front of a potato webcam and scream like a subhuman. most of my family's home movies consist of my parents telling me to sit still for 3 seconds and stop being a hyperactive camera ham. i created videos before youtube was a thing. before i had internet in my house. it's always been why i loved to do. i am now doing what i've loved to do since i was a kid full time. it's awesome and it's all possible because of you guys.

$1 and up will get you access to patreon only posts which include bloopers, exclusive videos and sneak peaks.

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i am logged into discord often and i love dropping in and shitposting with you guys. 

$20 and up: you get all of this + be a mod on my channel's live streams & a special tier on discord

if you cannot donate do not worry, your love and support is more than enough.

full videos that require lots of editing. like 'cosmo cringe', response videos and my normal rant/skit videos.

you will not be paying for spontaneous shitposts or shoe0ffhead content.

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I will start a non-patreon funded monthly podcast with me and my feminist friend on my side channel "Brainlet" where will will discuss current events, social and political, and probably disagree on many things. Should be interesting! I'm excited.
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