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I'll specially thank you in the description of new videos as long as you remain a patron.

You'll also receive lossless FLACs of all my released tracks (not mashups), straight from the source. For now, this will just be Awakening. Grand Tour will be added to this list upon release.




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About Shoopfex

Thanks for listening to my music!

A number of people over the years have asked how they can donate to the channel. However, I've always turned down donations, because I felt - and still feel - that accepting money for the work of somebody else isn't right. Even though I created my mashups with as much time and care as an original track, adding my own brand of unique embellishments and production techniques, I still felt that 90% of the finished product did not belong to me.

As many years as I've been making mashups, I've been working behind-the-scenes to improve my skills as a solo producer. I've always wanted to post the original stuff I've made to the channel, but I kept preventing myself from doing so, unless I produced a track that sounded as professional as the artists I sampled in my mashups.

Setting this limit ensured there was to be no noticeable difference in quality for subscribers, whether I released a track produced by myself, or a mashup featuring legends like Madeon, Justice or deadmau5  - whatever I released, subscribers will be tuning in to professionally-produced electronic music with a unique anime flavour.

I've made this Patreon because I believe that I'm almost at my goal. In January 2018, I released Awakening, the first track that - to me -  felt embodied in the aforementioned inspirations that I struggled to emulate for years.

The next track I'm producing, Grand Tour, is an adventure through many of my musical inspirations, featuring numerous melodies and motifs from the Fate franchise - specifically Fate/Grand Order. To me, it's a story of conquering - my fears and anxieties as a producer and otherwise. I hope you look forward to it.

In the future, I hope to release many more of these anime-inspired original works and remixes. Receiving support will allow me to focus more on producing music, and upload much more frequently. Depending on the volume of support on this page, I would love for Patrons to influence where I take the channel. For example, what anime and songs I remix could be up to you.

For now, this page exists as a means of supporting to the channel without relying on donations. I would like very much to give back as much as I receive, and donations are not a great model for that. If you still want to support me, but don't like the Patreon model, please consider purchasing from my Bandcamp page.

I hope to continue making great mashups and remixes for you!


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I'll do a podcast where I answer the questions of Patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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