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About Stirburn

Shortreflexions is a blog of short thoughts, short reflections, but reflections with the purpose of changing our reflexes, changing our natural thoughts and actions.

Many of the shortreflexions are presented as mindfulness adventures. A mindfulness adventure is a mindfulness activity that takes you on an imaginative journey through an experience. It is meant to help you handle aspects of your life that may be causing you stress, pain or difficulty in a healthy way. Embrace mental health and relaxation through this encouraging and enlightening experience.

Each post deals with a particular issue in life and proposes a two-fold reaction: 1. Resting your mind so it can change (like a massage therapist telling you to consciously relax a muscle so they can work on it). 2. Using Narrative Truth to reveal certain things about our own thoughts and actions, fables to lull ourselves into a better state of being.

The content is essentially Christian, but should be easily related to whatever perspective you have.

I work with people: kids, parents, grandparents and myself. I use these experiences along with over a decade in the education profession to offer insights to a world I care deeply about. I hope you can find rest and peace with me.
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