is creating videos (and streams) of mostly awful videogames
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I'm redoing the Patreon rewards at the minute, rethinking how this whole thing works. So for now, any amount you give is really just support for the Twitch/YouTube channel, until I can find something worthwhile to put here.




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About ShovelWareHouse

First things first - Thank you to everyone who likes what I do. It's ridiculously humbling to see that even half a dozen people might take the time out to watch something I've put together and be like "Yo, I like that. Keep that up". 

I'm here because YouTube has some questionable approaches to niche YouTube channels, and because it's encouraging to watch people take whatever opportunity you give them to support you. It drives me to make better, more frequent stuff.

So what do you actually DO, then?
I make videos (and stream) about predominantly terrible videogames. I don't mean 'terrible' in the 'Oh look have you seen the animations in Mass Effect Andromeda' way, I mean 'terrible' in the 'This mobile game has nineteen adverts before the title screen, the controls don't work, the game has crashed and my phone is now on fire' way. 

Stuff that most likely shouldn't be played by anybody. Stuff that should earn the people who made it a long walk barefoot on a carpet made of Lego. Stuff that... You get the idea.

Right, but... why?
Because I'm a masochist. Or because I find entertainment in things that are genuinely bad. If you've ever seen a bootleg action figure, or a movie like Sharknado, and it's brought a smile to your face, then you 'get' it. 

I've often said that the worst thing a game can be isn't 'bad', it's 'boring'. I'd rather play a really, genuinely, horrendously awfully bad videogame than a boring one, and I'm on a quest to find the most entertainingly horrible games that I can. 
$0 of $800 per month
I couldn't think of what else to set as a goal, but if I ever hit this particular one, I'd actually be able to quit the 'real' job I have and do this full time, which means even MORE videos, MORE streams and MORE of what you love!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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