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Money is tight, I know that, and I live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I appreciate every contribution I receive, expected and unexpected. Sometimes it has actually made the difference between being able to pay my rent and not.
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These are extra posts for patrons: commentaries, mini dharma talks, reflections, photographs with stories...
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Do you have a question about practice? Something you would like me to write about? Go ahead and ask, and I will meet the question and provide a response for you.



About Shundo David Haye

I am a zen priest who trained for fifteen years at San Francisco Zen Center, including five years of monastic life in the mountains at Tassajara. These days I am taking zen and meditation out into the world in different settings, from tech start-ups to the county jail, schools and colleges.

I wrote a blog when I was head of the meditation hall at Zen Center, and enjoyed it so much I started another one as I was transitioning out of the temple. In my spare time I take photographs that some people enjoy.

I have one kind benefactor who suggested I create this page as a way for her to support me, so obviously I owe her a debt of gratitude. For anyone else who is kind enough to want to offer donations for my writings and photographs, thank you.
Or as another student, one of many who is helping me navigate new networks, wrote recently "I bet you could dana that shiz anyway :)"
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This will save me from going even more grey worrying about how I am going to pay my rent.
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