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Hello everybody!

So you made it here, huh? Great! We love to have you on board!!! Now I guess a little about us:

If you didn't know Sibling Strife is a joint project created by Suribachi and Cresenttail, to produce gaming YouTube videos together while also having our own sides of the channel. We are in fact siblings, yes you heard right! We live in California at the moment in the good 'ole US of A. 

We decided to be here on Patreon for a couple reasons. One: it helps to get the word out about our content and helps others to know who we are and what we're doing. Two: since one of us is still in school, we really need the outside support in order to sustain ourselves. Three: Making YouTube videos with good content is, in fact, quite expensive, but we love making things for the world to enjoy and don't really mind.

That said we can't really afford the fancy equipment that some other YouTubers have, so we are relying on YOU, our faithful patrons. You can help us buy better equipment to make better videos so that you get better content, so really helping us is helping yourself. That and you get some pretty amazing perks!
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Gets Fraps for Cresenttail's point of view of gaming co-op videos!
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