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About Sibuor

Africa's queer artists are rising...

...this is really exciting for me. my goal is to write African queer pop songs that push boundaries and make LGBTIQ people a force to be reckoned with in pop culture.

patrons invest in changing the world through music

patrons are change agents. your support makes it possible to write music that is not constrained by what will make money, freeing my music up to explore and play, and focus on enriching peoples' lives instead of a few peoples' bank accounts.

the rewards are worth it. each dollar you invest in me, multiplies in impact with the output. your investment in means that i can tell stories of LGBTIQ people, body positivity, and mental health openly and honestly. we can change music consumption so that a great diversity of musicians stand a chance to earn money from their music.

patrons go deeper into my music, vision, and brand

you get to see behind the songs, how they're made, explore ideas with me, and shape my vision. you get to help and advise me on our way to making pop music more African and queer. take a look at my rewards descriptions. each one is tailored to give you a bang for your buck. and you get to be part of a revolution in music.

So let's make music more gay and diverse

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