is creating the ARK mod map "The Volcano" and a upcoming new ARK map "Amissa

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(Video is about 4 month old, Thanks to Titanshield Gaming for the Showcase)

Hi there everyone,

everything started with the Early Access Game ARK Survival Evolved released in June 2015. I love this game even after such a long time in early access. After a while i was think about to make a own map, because i saw all the other great mod maps. So i've started working on the map about 1 year ago. It was my first contact with the a game engine, in this case Unreal Engine 4. At the beginning it was only, how the basics for the game are working and so one. After a few weeks later i've started the work on the map. After a total start over (after 3 months of work) because of a fatal error,  i've released the first playable version of my map The Volcano on July 2nd 2016. The first 2 months was as i expected, only a few visits and subs, but i was okay with that, because it was kinda only for me, to show others what i'm doing. After about 3 month i got a push from a friend via Twitter and from this point on the player count was growing really fast, from only a few hunderts to now over 100000 subs to my map. Since then i had up and downs becasue of a ongoing learning process but i still love working on the map but it's going to be more and more time consuming. I wanna spend more time to work on my map to get things done faster, but i still need money to life and that's why i need to do my real life job. I'm self-emploeed which is a plus so i can manage the time by myself, but for the last few weeks it's going to be harder for me since my real life work needs more time as well.

Also i already have plans for a new ARK map, which i already started with the landscape. Maybe with this i can turn my hobby into a real thing.

Thanks in advance for all the support.

Mike aka Sicco0803
$10 of $500 per month
With that goal i'm able to get speedtrees and can get things done i'm not able to do. You know some things cost money and not for free.
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