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About Sick of Sarah

Hi, we’re Sick of Sarah. We are a band. We make music. You (hopefully) like it!

It's been a winding road for us, dealing with record labels, line-up changes, touring - things have been up in the air a lot, but we made it through the adversity stronger and with a clearer artistic vision.

We self-released our material for the first time, which is exciting and freeing! And scary. We can't do it without you, and we're humbled by all the amazing support our fans have given over the years.

Our newest adventure: Patreon

We created this page as a way for our fans, friends, and family to support us on an ongoing basis, and for us to give you some perks to say thank you!

How it works is that you can choose any amount to pledge per month, in exchange for rewards appropriate to your level of support. These are things like cool gear, downloads of rough songs, livestreams, and even personal videos. (You can read through everything below).

Our plans and goals

With your support, we’ll be able to keep producing music independently, tour to see all your lovely faces, and work with causes we feel are important.

We just wrapped up a tour where we partnered with Torn Labels Project, an advocacy campaign promoting anti-hate and anti-bullying through knowledge, music, and art. Your support allows us to do really cool, important things like that!

Thank you so much

We appreciate whatever support you can offer. Even if you’re not able to support financially, we hope you continue to enjoy and share our music.

$94 of $250 per month
We’ll make a special wristband only available to patrons that says something like “I patreonize Sick of Sarah!” or something clever. We’ll ask you for ideas. :) We’ll send it out free to all current and future patrons. *After your first month’s payment is processed.
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