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Donate $15 a month to become a pillion passenger. You're someone who would happily jump on the back of the bike and come with us if you could! 

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Donate $25 a month to become a pusher, puller, white knuckle rider. You're so supportive that if you could, you'd be the person who would be up for helping us push the bike up mountains, pull it out of the sand and cling on tight while we drive along some of the world most dangerous roads! 

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- a signed print of one of our favourite pictures from the trip

- your name in the credits of our documentary 

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About As Seen From The Sidecar

This Patreon page now follows the "what's next?"! We've circumnavigated the globe on a scooter with a sidecar and now we're moving on to bigger and better challenges! "What could be bigger and better than being the first people to go around the world on a scooter with a sidecar?", we hear you ask - well sign up for just $5 a month to find out!

In return for just $5 a month you'll get loads of different perks but most importantly you'll be involved in the decision making process for our new venture! We'll be posting weekly updates to tell you what's gone on and asking for your advice! But once you're on the inside, you're on the inside - you know the score - Chatham house rules, mums the word, keep it on the down low!

What happens on the Patreon page, stays on the Patreon page - join if you dare!

P.s. it's not that daring but hopefully mildly entertaining and at times vaguely interesting. If you're new to As Seen From The Sidecar then here's what came before:

We did it! After 455 days on the road, we arrived back to the UK as the first people to ever circumnavigate the globe on a scooter with a sidecar! Read below to find out what that means for our patron...

On January 19th 2019 we became the first people to ever drive around the world on this kind of vehicle and we beat the world record for the longest journey by scooter and sidecar, 8 times over! In total, we drove 34,000 miles through 35 countries and through every environment imaginable.

From the snows of Siberia to the sands of the Sahara, we faced a temperature range of +50°C to -37°C. At times, it was a ridiculous amount of fun and at other times it was a completely horrific thing to do. But whatever the weather, and whatever country we were in, the people we met were brilliant. We're going to be spending 2019 telling the story of the challenge but also the stories of those who we met on the road. The constant help we received from complete strangers served as a brilliant reminder that the world is full of great people. We think that's an important message to share so we're going to be taking it far and wide. We're going to do that by:

Making a film!
We've been filming since day 1 and we've got some fantastic footage. We'll be stitching together a feature length corker that will show us travelling through 5 continents on our beat-up scooter and sidecar.

Writing a book!
The best moments on a trip like this are the ones you don't expect and as you don't know they're coming, they're really hard to film! That's why we'll be writing a book because it would be a crime not to share the brilliantly random situations we found ourselves in.

Talks at schools, universities, events and everywhere else
We’re taking this show on the road! We’ll be telling our story first hand too!
At the same time as telling the story of the trip and the people we met, we’ll be continuing to raise funds and awareness for the fight against modern slavery. On route we met with ten different organisations who fight modern slavery where they are and we’ll be telling their story as well as raising money for them throughout 2019.

So, where do you come in to it?

We’re carrying on with the three tiers of patreon membership that we had when we were on the road but the perks are going to be a bit different. As we’re back in the UK and don’t have to worry about the scooter and sidecar as much we’ve got more time to create patron only content. So instead of getting a new piece of content every month patrons will now get a piece of content every week – every Wednesday in fact! Here’s the kind of things you can expect:
  • Bloopers and outtakes from our footage
  • Sneak peeks at parts of the film or awesome shots that might not make it
  • Snippets from our travel diaries
  • Sneak peeks and stories that will be in the book
  • Behind the scenes footage from events and talks around the UK
Plus, you’ll be the first to hear about anything we’re up to and when our book and film will be released.

Plus, and this is a big plus, when we hit our target of 50 patrons we will run a special, premiere screening of the film. Followed by a q&a with us, it will be the first time anyone ever see’s the film. We’ll set up some sort of private online screening for all you international folk too.
So, just $5 a month can get you a fun filled Wednesday, every Wednesday, and entry in to the hottest scooter and sidecar themed premiere of the year! 

All of the money we receive from patreon supports us, not the charities we raise for. The money goes towards the costs of making the movie, book and taking the tour on the road. You can donate to the charities we support on our website at 
7 of 50 patrons
Our aim is to get to 50 patrons and when we do we will organise a patron only premiere, screening of our film. Our patrons will be the first people to ever see it! 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 18 exclusive posts