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Hello there and welcome to my world of music!

My name is Signe Eide (21) and I am a Norwegian musician. I have been making music for most of my life and have just recently found great joy in making videos preforming my music live on Youtube. I am also currently working on new releases and new music is coming soon!

What are you funding:
  • My debut album that is set to be released in 2019. (Ooh, and every Patron gets my upcoming album for free..!)
  • Acoustic Kitchen videos! 

What you'll gain in return:
  • Music lyrics and the story behind each song
  • Bloggposts about my life and where it is headed, monthly updates and plans + probably a few rants too...
  • All videos will be posted here first
  • All future announcements regarding exciting projects will be released here first

If you'd like to be involved with what goes on here, whatever you can pledge is more than enough! If you choose to become a patron then I'd like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you.
I promise to do my best and keep on creating! :)
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You wanna see what happens behind the music and all the fun stuff? Cool!

I write posts about everything from plans, news, life in general, ups and downs, behind the scenes, behind lyrics, you name it.

Ooh, and sincerely thanks!

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You'll fund weekly episodes of Acoustic Kitchen and a new album in 2019! All patrons that help me get to this goal will get my album for free! What?!?

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