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About Channy

Hello, call me Channy. I'm a deaf, type 1 diabetic webcomic creator and activist. Also, I write a lot about deaf awareness and accessibility. "Chronically Silent”, my current webcomic series about my adventures featuring ASL.

What are my goals?
I want to make comics for a living. Comics are my passion to tell and analyze stories. Also, I want to bring deaf awareness and many things to the world with my comics. One of my favorite things, magical girls can be combined with deafness and type 1 diabetes, among frills and sparkles. So, I am achieving to make that transforms into a comic series.

Why do I need your support?
Currently, I'm in school and keep my non-art job to pay living expenses. That leaves me a little time to do my projects. Anyway, you are always free to view my existing art. While I keep drawing, you can get access to see what’s the monthly update, sneak peeks, and sketches.

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