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Every time I finish a song, I will send it to you. At the current rate of 1 song per week, that's about 25 cents a song. This is a fine, respectable tier.
Finance My Move To San Diego Tier
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I'm told that Generation Z wants not mere content, but Access. And so this tier is like the prior one, but with access to a patreon-only journal, which I will update often, but not annoyingly often, detailing the process of writing the songs you're paying for.
The Taft Memorial Finance My Move To Antarctica Tier
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Like the prior tier, save that every time I make a record (happens more often than you'd think), I'll send you a physical copy. Even if it's not being physically released, I'll make a physical copy and send it to you. I think this is a nice tier. 




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About Jon Massey

The Brief Pitch:
Above this wall of text is a song I did, called "Alisonland". If you like it, here is a website where you can give me money to keep making things like this.

The Long Pitch:
I've been writing songs since I was 10 years old, and recording them for the last 8 years under the nom de guerre Silo's Choice, sometimes with a band, sometimes without. I'm aware that that's a fairly quixotic thing to be doing with your life in 2018, but I hope that this music might be pleasant or useful to people, if not now then at some future point. I've made this Patreon because (1) I spend enough hours a week making these songs that I'm legally required to provide health benefits for myself; and if I can convert that effort into rent, well hey, that'd be great; and because (2) it would be nice to have a bit of capital to do some cool things like:

- Purchase some new amps / microphones / plug-ins / stuff musicians spend money on;
- Fund cloud storage for the vast digital archive I'm going to spend the next year or so assembling;
- Buy studio time and pay musicians to record an outrageous double album and pay high-powered K Street lobbyists to get its lyrics entered into the Congressional Record;

et cetera. Normal things. I'm not expecting to get rich quick off of this and establish a Silo's Choice World Headquarters in Monaco, but if you see fit to throw a buck or several my way, then bless you and thanks for reading this.
$90 of $5,000 per month
if i make five thousand US dollars on this website a month i will hire a secretary to purchase an army of vintage drum machines and devote all of my time to building influence in cincinnati city government. 
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