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Yep! Keepin it simple. This gets you an HQ file of each new song release, as early as 4 weeks before it's available anywhere else! Waaat!
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Seasons tickets! Skip the lines and don't pay at the door, cause you're already on the cool friends list with this option. And we play at least 1 show every month. 

(psst. just like fancy box seats at the major league sports venues, these Silver Lining tickets are transferable!)
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We recently played at a friends' apartment for her going-away party and totally loved it. 

The setup was simple and tidy and someone actually said 'That was the best night of my life.'
Not kidding. (Hope she was though hehe)

We live in Toronto, Ontario. If your venue of choice happens to be far from there, we'll see what we can do to arrange to play for you. (Sorry, overseas friends.)




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About Silver Lining

We're called Silver Lining and we make music. Pop with soul and a barspoon or two of funk. 
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We need some help to make it happen. 

At our live shows, you've asked:
'where can I buy your music?'

And in the past we haven't had anything available. 

Time to change that! Will you help? We'll do some cool things with you!

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