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  • spoiler sketches & exclusive art
  • tutorials
  • Q&A about the comic
  • monthly high-res cellphone wallpapers
  • seasonal high-res desktop wallpapers
  • name/username credited on the website as a donor
  • early access pages
  • short stories and writing
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  • patron-exclusive livestreams (spoilers, pages in advance, processes, art, etc)
  • participation in the monthly request stream in October and November 2019.
  • STLE mini prints (coming 2020!)
  • all previous rewards & access
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  • one 5x7 art print per month!
  • full-resolution print files
  • all previous rewards, including the request stream (2019) and dedication on the site



About Silver Lunarwing

This is my Patreon page to support work on my Pokemon fancomic, Shinka: The Last Eevee! The webcomic first ran from October 2008 until late 2015. This is the rebooted comic with an updated art style and whole different story, and I'm excited to share it with you!

Patrons can expect exclusive art streams, pre-production sketches, concept art, tutorials, phone wallpapers, full-res art and paintings, and visual development not seen anywhere else.

Thank you so much for your support so I can keep making something amazing for the community! :)
90% complete
At this level, I'll add stickers as a tier bonus for $10+ patrons! One sticker every month!
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