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About Silverstream

My name is Sam, I am a composer and songwriter from Germany.
As a music teacher not only do I want to show other people how to create music, I wish to present my own creations as well. This is why I decided to get started as a composer, too. 

Even though it is very time consuming, I don't create my music for money. in fact, it is more the other way around, because all the stuff I bought to be able to craft new worlds via sounds and melodies was not cheap. So, I hope that with the help of Patrons I will manage to cover at least some of those expenses. I'm an idealist primarily, but idealism alone won't make it possible for me to expand my virtual libraries and to upgrade my equipment. So, if you already like my music, imagine what I'll be able to do, when I can really go pro with some financial support.

Nevertheless, the best course of action to support me, is showing that you appreciate what I do and this is possible with encouring words as well.
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The first goal would be to cover the expenses of my starting equipment - my MIDI-Keyboard and the Sustain Pedal.

  • M-Audio Sustain Pedal 25€
  • Code 61 Midi Keyboard 280€
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