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Hi! My name is Silvia and I'm a doula...but instead of babies, I deliver souls and people's inner gifts! 
I am a Transformational Life & Career Coach who integrates spiritual ecology and ecopsychology concepts to my formal training as a counsellor, facilitator and coach.

I also garden (food and herbs), teach permaculture, food sovereignty skills, emergency preparedness and first aid. When I'm not working as career/life coach or workshop facilitator or consultant, I write: I love writing! (and reading)

What do I write about? I write about life and values, decision-making and choices, inner and social permaculture, transition, true resilience and sustainability, soulcraft and ecopsychology, career choices and life design. Other times, I also write about poetry, love and longing, connection and soul journeys...

I offer Life & Career coaching from an ecology-centered perspective: I believe (I know) that we are part of this Earth and as such, we are much more than egos. I also believe that our answers are not to be found either "out there" or "in here" but in a combination that includes your ego, soul and spirit and as such, a combination of Nature, what you call "I" or 'me" and the others humans and more-than humans (other species) around you...

I run a couple of blogs and support groups for people who want to re-connect with themselves, others and nature through soulcraft, nature-connections and holistic life coaching.

I believe all our planetary and social issues have one source: disconnection from ourselves, each other and the Earth. The grief from this disconnection is the source of all our addictions, anxiety, depressions, dysfunctional relationships and choices and, at the collective level, the source of inequality, waste, pollution, resource depletion and wars, among other things.

My goal with this website and the monthly ebooks is to share tools and resources, exercises, activities and deep questions to help you to re-connect and heal the world, one person at a time.

I believe that no amount of life or career changes or activism will do enough if we don't work on our inner and relational world first. If you are curious about this, I invite you to step in and share this path with me...
$0 of $800 per month
My first goal is to raise $800/month so I can extend the work I'm currently doing without being constricted by an employer's schedule and forced to do things in ways that restrict my creativity and my clients' abilities to receive what they need from me.
This amount will enable me to offer more transformational life coaching, food sovereignty workshops and permaculture classes to people who may not be able to afford a coach or facilitator (I'm currently offering this free of charge, but I am limited as I need to work in something else to cover my own life expenses).
I would also be able to dedicate time to writing articles and ebooks that have the potential to support and connect thousands with their gifts and sacred life designs, a revolution of soul-craft for our world and communities.
Finally, I would be able to dedicate more time to answer, moderate and coach online support groups for people in other countries who may not be able to attend workshops or have a one-on-one with a coach.

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