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About Simon Lacey

I've been drawing as long as I can remember.  My style changed significantly in college when I read the Akira series that a friend had lent me.  I quickly became interested in drafting and hard line illustrations, researching its roots and progress through Japan France and Denmark.  In college I went to school for Industrial Design, and created USA patent 23598 on a rock climbing anchor for my senior project.

After college in 2012 the average industrial design job had ~600 applicants all racing for the same job.  I decided to leave that behind me for a while, and ended up on a year long road trip.  I lived in Kentucky for a large portion, climbing in the Red river gorge, working under the table carpentry and living in a tent.  After crushing my finger in a wood planar I stopped climbing and wandered around through Colorado and Wyoming, picking up odd-jobs.

Sore and poor and 23 I returned home to my parents shelter in Minnesota for several weeks until it dawned upon me that I cannot live with my parents at this age.  I quickly moved moved to a friends house and got a job as a rock climbing coach.  

This was the beginning of my aspiration to create my own company.  My friend Jon and I spent 18 months attempting to create a  free-to-play online digital trading card game called "Kandrite"  We created the LLC. Dopamine Construct and copyrighted our Logo.  In the process of creating Kandrite, I hand drew around 300 characters and digitized around 80 of them by the Kickstarter.  We were unfortunately unsuccessful in our campaign.

In my Job as a climbing coach, on the side of Kandrite, I created a climbing team for teenage climbers that had learning disabilities but were extremely talented.  We called ourselves the Platypi named after the patchwork animal, and the curriculum was based off of around 20 games climbing games that I invented for the kids.  The Platypi became extremely successful  and ended up sending climbers to regionals and nationals.

Once Kandrite failed my wandering legs kicked in, and due to the success of my climbing team I got a Job in the deserts of Idaho as a wilderness therapy field guide.  Wile in Idaho I have begun to work on my own board game "Forlorn" Learning from the mistakes I made in Kandrite.  I currently work in social services but I am doing Graphic design and contracted illustrations on the side.  I recently just completed the logo for Steelhead Petroleum Ltd. and am pursuing more work.

The reason I have come to Patreon is that I would love more time to work on Forlorn to help start my own small board game business!  If you supported me I would personally thank you and be happy to talk or create artwork for you!

$0 of $400 per Contracted Artist, Graphic Work, and Board Games
I would be able to take a week off of work and apply myself to Forlorn and my Graphic Work!
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