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About Simon Phommaneth

About me

I'm Simon Phommaneth, a freelance graphic designer/independent illustrator/comic artist. I also sometimes do hand-drawn animation and 3D models.

I draw anime/manga style illustrations and artwork based on original and fan content, including videogames, anime, manga, etc.; I also stream videogames and/or artstream on occasion or I visit other people's streams, but I don't really monetize my streams or anything.

I also do commissions, which you can find more information here. Or you can look at the image below.

How much to pledge?

If you pledge $10 or more, you are basically paying for a free commission at a discounted price from the standard commissions page. Should you pledge this amount, I will start a commission one month after the pledge has been made. If you prefer to have a commission right away, see the commissions page instead. Note that the terms are still the same regardless.

Even if you don't pledge anything, I will still do illustrations/work on comics because I enjoy it--however, it would make my life a whole lot easier, meaning I can be productive and even do things for you as well.

Andromeda System

I also (sometimes) work on an online graphic novel called Andromeda System, which you can find here.

Andromeda System is a military aviation-based comic set in a near future setting and centered around a mercenary fighter pilot named White Raven and her private army as they pursue a mysterious terrorist organization that is in possession of state-of-the-art military hardware, including a stolen sixth generation fighter jet. Heavy anti-war and political themes may be involved. It is a chapter-by-chapter story and follows a serious/dark tone.

In simple terms, it's an original comic that is in the same vein as a certain real life military planes vs. cheesy anime superweapons videogame franchise that I am very fond of. As well as a certain stealth game series about a mercenary who basically does the same thing as the above, except instead of leading an army and waging an air war with antiquated fighter jets he runs around in a cardboard box and hopes everyone around him is none the wiser.

If you noticed this Patreon used to be focused squarely on Andromeda System, it turned out to be a whole lot more work than I realized; especially since I am writing, penciling, inking, screentoning, lettering and even editing my work all on my own.

Because of that, I expanded this page to focus on my general artwork and illustrations as well as my comic. If you prefer to support my comic specifically, then by all means.


Be sure to visit the following sites if you're interested in supporting me.

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