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I want to make a change but I am nervous about how it could change me.

That's the most honest thing I could write there. I don't like stepping out of my comfort zone and I especially don't like asking someone for their money. But if you have a minute to read the below details maybe you feel the same way and we could work together to put someone before ourselves.

I want to buy every kid in the world a computer because our education doesn't get the financial resources it needs. That's not exactly right. But I wanted you to get a very general idea of what this is about since it's a few minute read below. I respect your time.

I was somewhat familiar with the educational system. My mom is a teacher and two of my sisters are on the path to be one as well. So I didn't  know much. But I did know we don't pay, teachers, the people shaping our future minds enough, that they often spend their own money on supplies and work well over 40 hour weeks on salary. But I I met a teacher, complete stranger, and got talking.

It's so much worse in Detroit specifically than anywhere I've ever heard.

They get such little support from the government, the kids don't have access to computers and the list goes on. This teacher may have just been venting but I could see deep down that she really just cared about her 25 students and that it was a cry for help to anyone who could hear. I am not going to get political. I am just going to say that sometimes there is suffering in the world that we would like to see fixed but don't feel we have the ability to do anything about on our own. Or that it's the government's job and things are just the way they are. Most students, specifically in Detroit Charter Schools, have problems in their lives bigger than not having access to good education. But efforts to improve the world add up and I would like to give access to computers to kids. 

Regardless of where we start many of us try to improve our lives and just do the wrong things. We lack the knowledge.

What we don't know is more important than what we do know in life. 

Life is hard when you have all your basic needs taken care of and have access to information. There are kids out there and many people that have been dealt a very rough hand and don't have the tools to help themselves. I don't have a perfect plan but I would rather take imperfect researched action, learn from some mistakes and improve over time than sit back and do nothing.

There are 672,795 people in Detroit. Even more, people if you include surrounding metro Detroit and other cities. So even if say 80,000 people did a monthly donation of $1 I could be sending these schools over 800 chrome books a month. That number just becomes more realistic if people or businesses do higher donations. I don't know what change having access to a computer for education, leisure or anything else would have on their lives but I would like to think it would be an improvement. 

What does my $1 subscription buy?

What you are getting for donating is that I will be working with schools to get computers in kids hands. Some might be refurbished since I don't like waste and I have worked with technology a lot so I know that often refurbished electronics pass more test than new one. Also new ones come broken out of the box occasionally. At this time that simple action is all I promise. I would love to grow this into something more complex that has more control over how they use the computers but at this time the simple action of sending them a computer and hoping for the best is what your subscription is buying. It is overwhelming to control much more than that. I know there will be unforeseen obstacles with this simple act of giving but your $1 donation is an investment in future plans of action that will be much more calculated. Also, feel free to donate any monthly amount.

Here is a picture of what I would like the future, of what we'll call, SIMPLEACTION to be.

This idea of community tackling specific problems is something I would like to see replicated across the nation. I also could see this generating a lot more money back into our communities in a lot of different ways.

Not going to get political again but there is a lot of corruption in our government. Our people who represent us get elected, do speeches for personal income and vote to help the businesses that paid them for the speeches. Not everyone. But often we don't feel represented and there are problems in our local lives we can't control and can only mitigate. But we still have schools without computers so they probably could be doing a better job. I work full time currently so this is on the side. If I made enough to support myself doing this I could see this growing and be helping a lot more areas of society. My current plan of compensation would be 1% of monthly donations with a cap of $75,000 dollars a year. Current house and senate have a base salary of $175,000 and the change this is making in your local area is more than they probably do for you yearly. If someone would be willing to do this for free or less please do it but if we generate the 7.5 million dollars that would make me $75,000 dollars then I earned it. I think dozens of us could be doing a similar function and there would still be problems in the world. The reason I set that cap, of $75,000, is that I have plans on making a lot more money with this that will go into the total earnings. Studies from Princeton show that once you make around $75k money doesn't affect your happiness anymore. (Link below)
Any money generated through a youtube channel, advertising and such would be used to buy more computers after the income cap is reached. 

How do we grow our donations?

Word of mouth. Everyone knows somebody that would pay a dollar to get someone worse off than themselves a computer.

Create an email list that businesses or people that make a premium monthly subscription amount will have access to for marketing their goods and services. If this audience is big enough it would be a benefit for local businesses to save on advertising and just put money into the community in exchange for your eyes and ears.

Social Media

Youtube Channel or Podcast

This is just a business that could grow like any other one but with the intent of giving to the community.

That's all I got for now. People shouldn't be forced to buy something they don't want. This is an opportunity for people who want to address this problem to have a voice and people who don't care to not have to. I sat on this idea for a few days nervous about what people's reactions might be, fear of the changes it could make if it's a success. I don't feel comfortable making a video but I think I'm going to in order to inrease our chance of success. 

$0 of $100 per month
This will be enough to buy our first computer and send it to a school in need.
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