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About Simple Procedure PFB

The Simple Procedure Blog is to cover my own experiences with beating Debt Collection Agencies in Scotland who have taken me to the Sheriff Court using the Simple Procedure. I do this because it's very difficult finding information on The Simple Procedure as most information found by Googling only relates to County Courts which operate under English Law which relates solely to the territorial limits of England and Wales.

Inside the territorial limits of Scotland, civil (and criminal) matters fall under the jurisdiction of Scots Law, which actually provides you with additional protections over and above that which is afforded to you by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. These will be explained further in subsequent blog posts.

If you are here you have probably already been served a Claim by either a Sheriff Officer or a Messenger-at-Arms. Do not be afraid of this and please DO NOT IGNORE IT. If you ignore it you will 100% be found against by the Court and have a Decree made against you (the Scots Law equivalent of a County Court Judgement). Please ignore the Free-Man-On-The-Land nonsense that you will find plastered over other forums. Freemen would lead you to beleive that uttering some magical incantations obscure and out-of-context legalese can get you out of anything: well it can't. You need to use actual case-law and precedents to underpin your endeavours otherwise the Court and the Sheriff will take a very dim view of you immeadiately.

Finally, I must state that I am a layman, I am not legally trained nor do I offer any formal legal advice. The informal advice found in this blog is formed solely from my own personal experiences and opinions and may not be applicable to your own personal circumstances, so above all I advise any readers: DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

There is no shame in being weak. There is in remaining weak.

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