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Come in! Welcome, I'm L.B. Marshall. Welcome to Simply Weird Productions, home of very little, and proof positive that some people just don't let go.
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Just a little strange, like a rat chasing a dog, or a small child in a nice dress staying clean all day
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The type of thing that tell the family about at dinner, a man wearing Bermuda shorts and flip flops walking around town in the middle of winter
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The type of thing you never forget, and talk about in bars and at gatherings for the rest of your life, like a man riding a bicycle down the road bottomless, shitting himself as he goes
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Unicorns are the ultimate being, and thus the ultimate tier. *note to actual Unicorns, we've got a guy who'll pay big bucks for pictures, and another who'll pay big bucks by the pint for your blood; hit us up, we'll split the profits 50/50

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