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About sina-drums

Hi, I'm Sina! First things first - my Patreon account is on a 'Pledge per Creation' mode. Usually, I upload 1 video every week. There might be an additional video once in a while but patrons will only be charged for one video per week (usually on every Thursday when I launch a video on Patreon before it goes public on YouTube one day later). At no point, any patron will be charged for more than one video per week. Apart from that, you can set a monthly limit for your pledges very easily.

Why do I have to rely on Patreon at all?
Due to the fact that most of my YouTube videos are copyrighted songs, I do NOT earn a lot of money via YouTube. My patrons help to keep my channel going and to increase the quality of our productions. Sorry for talking money first, but I had to get this out of the way!!

A glimpse back 
When I started my YouTube channel at the age of 14, back in 2013, I didn't have a clue where this journey would take me. I was blown away by the number of views and subscribers. All the lovely response encouraged me to follow the path and actually thinking about becoming a professional musician. In summer 2015 I launched the Chi Might Project, collaborating with singers/songwriters/musicians from all over the world in order to create a High Quality Album. It was launched in June 2016.

The following 2 years have been an amazing journey for me. I joined Patreon in October 2016 and the amount of support and encouragement ever since really blows my mind. My patrons helped me to achieve every single goal I defined back then. The financial support allowed my to sign up for a one year intense study at 'Drummers Institute' in Krefeld. I learned many different techniques related to various genres, like Jazz, that turned out hugely beneficial, both for the Covers I do but also for the Original Music I do record. My 2nd Album Chi Might II was also funded via Patreon, another major task for 2018 that we managed to complete. Around the time of the album launch (October 2018) I reached my goal of 400 Patrons, which is awesome!

A glimpse ahead
Your ongoing support allows me to make my living as a musician and to keep recording music (including the videos that I will keep posting once a week). The money is also used in order to book professional musicians for our official releases. This is also beneficial for other young artists we collaborate with, giving them exposure and introducing their channels to the public.

Chi Might III
Yes, it's on the horizon, scheduled for 2020. We started collecting ideas, our latest release 'Downstream' was directly taken from the first brainstorming session with Uwe Müller. Chi Might III is not going to be 'relaxation music' but it will contain many different elements, some classic, some progressive, some traditional elements. Being my patron you will get all the updates all along the journey!
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If you look at my YouTube videos you will notice right away that most of my audience is mainly interested in my drum covers, featuring Classic Songs that have been around for ages. While it's great to reach such a big audience with covers, there is also a downside: From an artist's view, covers are a one-way-street not really going anywhere. My patrons keep encouraging me to create original music. I won't stop doing covers but having more patrons who are actually interested in my own work, allows me to slightly shift my priorities and to work harder on original ideas. 
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