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About Sinful Engineer

Hey there friend, I'm the Sinful Engineer.

I've worked in tech and startups my entire career as a software engineer, data scientist, product manager, and even bizdev, now I'm bringing my cynical outlook on the industry into the form of a comedic youtube channel and daily newsletter.

Why did I start creating?
For most of my life people have told me I'm funny, but coming from an Asian (Korean) household, I've kept that talent limited to friends, family, and coworkers.

It wasn't until a year ago when I felt the urge to create. After hearing the story of one of my favorite creators, an ex-finance guy turned social media mogul, I knew I wanted to give this content thing a shot. 

So here I am.

Why am I anonymous?
I'm anonymous because I want to be. There's no conflict with my day-job (in fact I've already cleared it with our legal team), but I work in a high profile company in a high profile role so I choose to be anonymous for the sake of reducing any possible conflict. 

Sooner or later, I'll be hosting meet-ups, career advice video calls, and more when you will know who I am, but until then, stay tuned!

What am I creating?

My projects are broken into two main areas:

1. The Youtube Channel where I explain highly technical concepts in a sinfully delightful way ( and produce short comedy sketch videos about tech (

2. The Daily Newsletter where I curate funny jokes, memes, videos and write a thoughtful yet cynical piece of commentary about tech news and culture.
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