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My name is Taylor and I have been building and maintaining bike trails in the Southern California region for the past 10 years. My father got me into the art of trail building when I was 12 years old. Our first trail was named "Shapeshifter", and was located behind the Hulda Crooks park in Loma Linda, CA. This one experience sparked a chain reaction culminating in the creation of "Sidewinder", "Outlaw", "Roadrunner", "Rattler", and "Pinball Wizard" (RIP).

By far the most gratifying experience was rebuilding "Shapeshifter". I was able to see how far I had come as a builder, a rider, and a human being. That new trail entitled "Sith" is still one of my favorites to this day, and one that I return to every year to do extensive maintenance to ensure its ride-ability.

I would love to expand my network and create trails in more areas, that service all abilities, while still providing the same flow that my trails are known for. I'm currently in school, and a very large chunk of my free time is spent out in the hills designing more trails for locals to ride. Any contribution that is made will be used to pay for trail equipment (shovels, rakes, stakes and possibly boards for ladder bridges :D).

Every dollar helps,

Thank you
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If I'm able to reach 25 patrons, I will schedule a monthly group ride that will feature new trails that most of the general public won't know about yet.
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