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About Singular Adventures

Hey Everyone! Welcome to my Patreon Page! My name is Dustin Singular from Saskatchewan Canada. After spending the beginning of my adult years working in different industries (oil, construction, mining) I had discovered that nothing ever felt like a good fit. I was restless and would spend most of my days dreaming and thinking about all the places I wanted to explore in the world. But sadly the work/life balance wasn't balanced thew way I wanted. 
After having a taste of travel and adventure from short backpacking trips through Europe, south east Asia and central America I had decided that going the traditional "safe" route of life was not fulfilling to me. So after working in the mining industry for three years I decided I had enough!
So I quit! I quit my good playing job, sold my possessions and packed what I needed into a backpack with the mission to explore all I can. Life is short, and its meant to be lived! Pura Vida!
So now I make travel videos for youtube to showcase the world and all the beautiful amazing things to see and experience on this big blue planet of ours! 
If you've read this far, fantastic! Any support you can give is deeply appreciated! I wish to continue travelling and helping others through videos and photos, and hopefully inspire others to have the courage to get out and explore the world! 
Hope to run into you in a crowded market or a beautiful beach somewhere in the world!  

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