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About Singularity Prosperity

What is Singularity Prosperity?

Singularity Prosperity is a platform for academic and personal growth, educating about and bringing light to many of the changes that will happen in the coming years due to technological and academic progress, and how to harness these changes to assist and teach people in living a life with happiness and meaning through the utilization of technology in a post-scarcity society. 

What We Will Do With Your Money:

Currently, Singularity Prosperity is a passion project being built while I'm (twitter: enchorb), just entering the workforce after obtaining a B.Eng in Computer Engineering.

With additional funding I'll be able to:

- Support myself full-time and release more frequent and better quality content 
- Buy better content production equipment and software
- Hire staff (researchers, writers, video personalities)

- Develop a web application (I'll elaborate on this in the future).

At the end of every year, an income statement will be posted to show where all the donation money is going for full transparency! 

Thank you for reading this. Thank you for watching my videos. Thank you for even considering supporting me on Patreon. 

$22 of $500 per month
This would allow me to dedicate more of my time into research for better, more valuable content for you.
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