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You could have bought a bag of those caramel chew things from the dollar store for this buck, but you're giving it to me instead. That's a real friend. And to be a friend back, I'm saving both of us from getting nickel-and-dimed by Patreon.
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If just 240 people pledged $3 a month I'd have enough to pay the rent. A guy can dream, right? If not, $3 is enough for a couple Propel waters and that works for me.
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$5 a month just feels comfortable, right? I mean, there's a $5 bill, and not breaking it for a lesser amount means less hassle most of the time. You just pass off the bill and you're done. Clean, efficient, and superbly helpful.




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About Roy Miller

I'm a regular 30-year-old guy looking to put a few more books on the library shelves. I'm married and work a regular job to support my family, and as such, I self-publish print and ebook copies myself. I won't be selling individual short stories or setting goals for individual books, so the content that I come out with won't be held hostage by donation amounts. The current goal of $20 for monthly flash fiction is there for people that would like to see some type of payoff for their donation and I'm more than happy to oblige. If you decide to donate and help me out along the way, I'll appreciate it more than you know, but if you don't, you'll still have the chance to buy my books when they're finished.

A huge thank you in advance to anyone that finds my art enjoyable enough to donate.
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When I reach $20 a month, I'll start releasing a weekly flash fiction story of 500-1000 words.
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