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About Siobhan

Who are you? 

My name is Siobhan O'Loughlin, and I'm a solo performance artist and activist.

The past four years of my life have been devoted to Broken Bone Bathtub, an immersive theatre experience performed in a bathtub in peoples' homes for nearly 500 performances, in five different countries and 32 different cities.

Simultaneously, I have given lots of time to various activist causes, including multiple (multiple!) electoral campaigns, providing aid with dignity to refugee communities at the border in Mexico and all across Greece, and active memberships with the Democratic Socialists of America and the National Organization for Women. 

Why do you have a patreon?

My work is in my performances, and this year has been devoted to touring the American South. Audience members have often expressed to me, "Thank you so much for bringing this show here." And I'm so grateful that they were there.

However, it isn't easy to bring my work across the country as much as I do. My income stems entirely from ticket sales, which I split with various producers across the country. Many of my show patrons have asked me "what's next?" and with all of the labor that goes into producing and stress over ticket sales, I just can't split my time to be able work on my next project. 

The impetus for starting this patreon comes from many folks who are excited about what I do who want to offer me support. 

Perhaps you are one of those people?  I'm so excited to get to share more of myself with you as I pivot to creating new works, and seeking some full time stability. 

What if I just want to make a one-time donation?

You totally can! 
Support me on venmo at @Siobhan-OLoughlin, the cashapp at $siobhano, or paypal at [email protected] 

$776 of $1,000 per month
When I hit this goal, I can hire an assistant to manage my inbox and box office. This will free up quite a lot more time for me to actually make more art!
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