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This means a lot to me. It may not sound like a lot to others. But the fact you took time out of your day and a dollar out of your pocket just to tell me you appreciate what I do is monumental to me and is what keeps me going. It tells me you care, you want to support me, but don't have a lot of funds. I get that. 

You'll get access to any of the small Cross Stitch patterns I post, like the small game items.


  • A simple Thank You.
  • Small Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Skyrim Constellations 2019 Stitch-A-Long!
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Just like a Twitch Sub. But without the emotes. Come hang out with us off-stream to chat about your day, play video or board games with other community members, and watch me whine about my dayjob.

You'll also get server access to any multiplayer games I happen to be playing, as all that's posted on Discord anyway.

Finally, you'll get access to most my cross stitch patterns, the small keychain types, and the medium ones such as biscornu and the plant patterns.

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  • Discord Access
  • Medium & Small Cross Stitch Patterns
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All my patterns will be posted here on Patreon. The big quilt squares I've been working on, the patterns I design to sell on Etsy, and even the small little keychain trinkets I make.

This'll allow you stitchers to stitch along with me no matter what I make! :)


  • A simple Thank You.
  • Discord Access
  • All Cross Stitch Patterns
  • Yearly Winter Holiday Card 
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About Sirithre

Hello! I'm Siri and I design nerdy cross stitch patterns for beginners and veterans alike!

Patreon is my favorite way to be able to deliver nerdy CrossStitch patterns to you.
ALL my patterns will posted here at $1-$5-$10 tiers based on size. You'll have access to my entire backlog of patterns right away, and is frankly a better deal than my Etsy patterns. ;)
Check this spreadsheet to see what's available for download now!

There's several Free patterns for you to check out as well!
Don't forget to hit that follow button to be notified when free posts come out! :)

We also have an ongoing Skyrim-themed Stitch-A-Long starting January 1, 2019!
The first two bonus patterns are free, after that it's pay-what-you-want! (Aka, the $1 tier)
I wanted to make sure as many of you could participate as possible. :) There's no deadline to sign up, even if you're joining later in the year $1 will get you the current and previous constellations. 

I've been stitching since I was very little and always enjoyed bringing new people into the craft. My main goal online is to inspire people to start cross stitching and help them on their journey.

I've written a how-to-cross stitch book themed around Stardew Valley, another how-to book for Undertale, as well as written a number of tutorials over at CrossStitch.Live

I'd love to hear what you think of my designs, constructive criticism, suggestions, questions, or just chit-chat about your current projects - regardless of whether you decide to become a patron or not! Just leave a comment here, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you're more comfortable!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 93 exclusive posts
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