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Exploring the world of music and amalgamating into the Sound that is in all. Taking Jazz and incorporating it into my efforts to teach all who would learn from this and be taught myself in doing this. Bringing entertainment to those who are not able to have it and assisting all Sentient life in The Great Work.
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I have recently begun a journey into a new profession. I sank all my savings into a state licencing venture that includes long tests and lots of study. I had to take this opening and leave my full time job for it. This was a tough decision, as it leaves me without income for the rest of the year. It does give me a few hours a day to spare though and I can share my videos and time to entertain whomever may be looking for this. I am open to suggestions. I can stream games, musical performances, or just talks on whatever issue anyone wants to hear. I admit there is some fear in this career move as it is commission only but lots of potential income. I have articulate skills and a great professional business presentation when I want to reflect that, so I'm confident I will succeed. Walking through a situation with some fear takes courage. I have put my head on the chopping black and my past streams have brought hardly any viewers, so if this is a prophecy of my future, I'm doomed. But, at least it will all be online for anyone's viewing pleasure. If you feel generous, please support my streams and help me to succeed and I will not forget you. If I fail, well, I always find a way somehow and I will still remember you. Thank You.
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