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~~~~ This Patreon page is currently inactive. ~~~~
Planning to possibly make a return some day, but right now there are other things that are taking priority. Follow me at, and Instagram @sirosvaziri to keep up!

Hi there, glad to see you here!

My name is Siros Vaziri, and here on Patreon I upload One Minute Drum Lessons on a regular basis. These are quick and informative lessons on fills, licks, grooves, concepts and more to help you improve behind your drums.

Here's an example of what a lesson can look like!

Two lessons are uploaded and available to Patrons every week. The first each week is on a new fill, lick or groove, and the second is on a concept, topic or exercise. These lessons can be on either a basic, intermediate or advanced level. Every now and then I'll upload longer lessons and videos to cover bigger areas of drumming and more advanced content.

When donating/subscribing, you get access to all previous and future lessons I upload, and you get to choose from a list of interactive rewards for your pledge (see below). Not only that, but you also you gain access to the Activity Field where you can ask me and other Patrons questions, upload and view photos, comment and keep track of everything I've uploaded thus far.

The money you contribute with goes straight into the making of new and better lessons. Help me sustain my drumming career, and I will help you improve behind the kit. Sounds fair enough? Become a Patron, and let's make this happen!

Have a wonderful day, and see you soon with some brand new lessons!
Siros Vaziri
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Thank you SO much for donating! For a measly dollar per month, you now have access to the first of the two weekly drum lessons I upload, as well as to the Activity Feed. Welcome to the family - I'm stoked to help you improve!
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You now have access to both of the two weekly lessons I upload! Thank you so much for your pledge!
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Pledge $10 or more, and in addition to getting the $5 reward, you get a 'Patron Only' newsletter every week where I let you in on what I have going on. I'll share my experiences from the past week and give you all the advice and motivation I can, plus you'll be the first to know of any upcoming plans and projects I have going on. Thank you so much for subscribing and joining the family of Patrons!

$0 of $100 per month
Thank you SO much for pledging!

When this goal is reached, I will personally invite everyone who has pledged so far to a private Skype conversation, where you can ask me or eachother anything at anytime. As one of the first Patrons, you'll be an invaluable building block to this new family of supporters, and with that comes privileges. This will be our personal space, reserved for the first Patrons only, where you can ask about or discuss anything you want me and eachother!
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