is creating a fun Gaming environment.
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About SirPlease


What does SirPlease do?

  • We run/create Events, Gameservers, Tournaments and Guides for the Community, for you.
  • We Provide a Healthy and Fun environment for Everybody.
  • We Strive for Excellence and Fairplay.

Where does my money go?
  • By becoming a Patron, you join the family. You keep the rigs oiled up and allow us to keep providing the Community with Servers to enjoy.

By supporting us, you're supporting the entire community.
We're in this together.

What do you currently provide?
  • Gameservers in Europe and North America with 24/7 DDoS Protection, Customized Anti-Cheat and a decent set of Custom Campaigns and Competitive/Fun matchmodes.
  • A centralized Steam Group that is used by many to either look for Pick Up Games or Scrims.
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