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Hello supporters!

We know how many of us are sick of the way the world is and feeling powerless about what can be done to change it. Looking around it's clear to see that the environmental devastation of this world, the emotional suffering of this species, and the oppression of the first world nations are all tied together.

While the genocide of the Native Americans is tragically considered "ancient history" (although the country still clearly bears those wounds) the genocide of the aboriginals is currently ongoing. They are facing similar western expansion as happened in the US in the 1800s, and there are land grabs, environmental racism and the associated health effects. This repeating history is an affront to our shared humanity! It is 2015, and the rights of the first nations MUST be respected by STATES and CORPORATIONS. Colonialism must stop now, or we will continue to privatize our assets until the earth has been bled dry and only the select few live out of squalor. 

Because of this, we're partnering with the aboriginal communities in Perth to help them preserve their sustainability and support their sovereignty. We are building a solidarity based relationship of support and learning, and we endeavor not only to raise funds to support their way of life, but to listen to and share their stories so we can learn from them about their culture as models for ecologically holistic human participation.

We will be sharing stories from the communities via daily, or at least weekly updates when possible from the remote communities. These updates will be released on youtube and will be part of our patreon content releases, which will also include photos, art and more!

By empowering the natives to tell their own stories, we hope to help people see that we are a shared humanity, and we share the same fate. The time for half measures is over and our need for action started 10 years ago!

 Our goal is to show the U.S. and the rest of the world how our 1st world "lifestyle choice" is literally murdering the planet and it's inhabitants. This brutal fact is sometimes hard to hear, and this ecogrief is at the core of much anxiety.

We need your help to show that the way out of this crisis is through widening our circle of compassion to include the whole of the earth, as the first nations always have. 

We desperately need your support in order to purchase Solar Panels, Batteries, Water Filtration Systems, water collection, seeds, tools etc., and we will keep you updated as we come to better understand what is needed.

Show your support here and we will create the change necessary to convince the world to shift towards a more holistic view of Earth.
- J. Victor Stratton & Co. 
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