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is creating the "Back In My Day" podcast, and stand-up comedy!
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About Brent Blakeney

Hi there! Welcome to my Patreon page. I am a stand up comic and host of the "Back In My Day" podcast. Just stopping by to check out what I am about is awesome, and I super appreciate it! 

     Here's a little about me...

     I am a comedian out of Raleigh, NC. Starting in 2011, I have been ardently practicing my craft since 2011, and have not let off the gas. Hard work and dedication has paid off in the form of opportunities to work with names such as Brian Regan, Bill Burr, Iliza Schlesinger, Bruce Bruce, and others.
    In 2015, I was picked up to be the featured opener for "Last Comic Standing" winner Jon Reep. I have accompanied Jon around the country performing in clubs and theaters alike. And in 2018, I was a national winner of Kenan Thompson's "Road to NYC" contest earning myself a showcase at the historic Carolines on Broadway.

     By supporting my Patreon you are helping me continue down this path I started on many moons ago. It's been a crazy awesome journey so far, and I am looking forward to what the future holds! Please take a moment to check out my tiers, and decide what is right for you! 

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