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• Regular posted chapters of any works available in Early Access. 

• Possibly updates on the writing process as it happens

• Anything written with conlangs will have temporary ciphers instead of the actual language, so it'll be easier to decode what's being said, if you're into that. 


• Wallpapers 

• WIPs and images of current art in the works


• Early access videos before they arrive in your YouTube subscription inbox (or... don't, for that matter). 

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• All rewards from previous tiers



• Graphics, deleted scenes and behind the scenes commentary where available

• Character profiles where available 

• Polished, edited and finished episodes ready for publication delivered straight to your digital door.

• Conlang dictionaries and information available. 

• World Anvil links and pages for your enjoyment


• High resolution images of artworks

• Detailed explanations on how things were done if you ask!


• Polls, input and questions about all sorts of things for you to participate in 

• The knowledge you're keeping not only my writing but also my artwork and my Twitch channel going. 

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• All previous rewards, of course.


• Print edition of full volume or novel mailed to you upon completion where print editions are available. 

• Print edition of full dictionary of each conlang mailed to you when it's made available.

• Spoilers galore!


• High resolution textures and models available 

• One-on-one Q&A on how things were done


• My endless love and devotion

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About Jessica Nelson Hardy

          Welcome, friends! I'm a Jess of All Trades - an author of queer- and female-dominated speculative fiction (my favourite types being sci-fi and fantasy), an artist, a designer, a freelance editor and Twitch streamer. I'm queer myself, and chronically ill too, so working from home is very important to me. 

          When it comes to writing, I have a great passion for characters and their interpersonal relationships, worldbuilding and conlanging, and I like to try and make the worlds my characters inhabit feel as real as I can - not necessarily realistic, but real, as though you could walk through the crunchy snow in the highest peaks of the tallest mountains if you could just find the right door... 

         I currently have several books published or pending release, and you can read them here

         As for my art, I love supernatural or unusual beings (like demons, tree-people, fairies, elves etc) living what one might call a normal or boring life. I'm a big fan of elves in nightclubs, tree-people sipping their morning coffee, and demons acting as security guards, paramedics or rescue parties. 

        I stream under the name JessicaNH as I haven't yet swapped the username to sixstepsaway and keep putting it off, and I'm a Twitch Affiliate! I can often be found streaming my art and writing, but mostly I'm just hanging out and streaming video games like FTL: Faster Than Light and Prison Architect, working my way through story-based games like The Witcher, or just generally being ridiculous

        As I'm a Jess of All Trades, this Patreon will reflect that. I'll be posting art, design work, random posts and also the writing I do. 

        Generally, fiction posts will be an episode or a chapter, depending on what I'm working on at the time, and will include a PDF and a eBook format for easy reading. The first episode or chapter of everything I work on will be free to all followers, but future installments will be charged for.

        Art will depend what I'm working on at any given moment but may include texture sheets, high res images, models etc for 3D work, and high res images for digital art. 

        If you become my patron, for only $1 a month or more you will get access to my current works in progress as they are (chronologically) completed, before they make it to the indie publishing stage, as well as high resolution images of my artwork. 

      Older episodes/chapters are removed after a certain length of time as they're published on KDP and other sites, so make sure you download anything you don't want to lose! 

       Any time I open art commissions, they'll be opened on Patreon to my patrons several days in advance so you can get in first!
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This would be a huge step towards being able to be more self-sufficient. With this I can hire a proper editor and, if necessary, people to make book trailers. This would be a big leap forwards.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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