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Why China's Ching Ching Pang  don't' want you to give to Sixth Seal News Talk

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HELLO Patriot! I am here because, I need your help and if you are here it may be because, God has brought you. I am like others also fighting an information war against communism and socialism. I strongly believe we all need to fight for the rights promised to us under the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I have set up a YouTube channel because, people wanted to hear about how the world is being deceived by communism and socialism. My channel has been running for a couple years and it has over 37,000 subscribers. But, I need you because, I have a dream to expose as much as I can to as many as I can those who are bringing these devious deceptions that is targeting so many lives around the world. The goal I have is to reach many and bring in the truth. I feel this is a calling from God and feel you can help me meet my calling with your support. I would like to be able reach as many as I can before this great deception enslaves humanity and silence the voices of those who want to expose the evils of this world's communist and socialists.

Please help, because we need to fight for what is right and as they say, evil only wins when good people do nothing. Please join me today, because your support is key to helping me to expose these communist and socialists for what they really are.

From me and my family, may God bless you and your family all of your days.


James J. Tsidkenu

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