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two dollars is just enough to put some change in my pocket after processing fees and stuff. But that's plenty!
But, you can also give more than 2 dollars... I couldn't stop you. In fact, I wouldn't even TRY to stop you. I'd be super grateful instead!
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this amount is plenty too ask for in my opinion!! the same amount as a twitch subsciber <3 love you alllllllllllll
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This is a MUCH more significant offering and it honestly does not entitle you to anything you won't get for 2 dollars. This is for people who wouldn't mind paying as much to watch my content. as they say in my stream.... sk and chill ;)




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About lee *S1l3ntk1ll3r_90*

Thank You!
Whether or not you've chosen to pledge, you've made it all the way to here and you've sincerely considered it. I cannot thank you enough for taking an interest in me or my content

What i do
i try and stream everyday through twitch! mixed games ranging from call of duty to minecraft! 
i try my up most best to keep all my viewers entertained :). twitch channel: http://www.twitch.tv/s1l3ntk1ll3r_90

What are your goals with patreon?
I have no particular monetary goals in mind. I do not want to earn a certain amount per month. every little helps <3. everything made will be going back in to streaming and making my content a lot better.

What kind of rewards are there for pledging?
I thought about this long and hard and have decided that I did not want to encourage people to give more than they comfortably can in favor of rewards.

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