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About Raquel Simoso (Skailla)

Hey there! Welcome to my Patreon page!

My name is Raquel Simoso, but you probably know me better as Skailla. I’m an illustrator and comic artist from Brazil. Creating stories and characters have always been my biggest passion. Through the years, I’ve created a few worlds that you might be familiar with!

What I’m up to here

Back in 2012 I’ve started a comic project called Up and Ahead. It’s the story of two dogs with comically opposing personalities, Steban and Martin, and their adventures (and misadventures!) through the mysterious and wild frontier. It’s a western themed comic with a touch of weird west and loads of excitement!

In 2014 I launched the comic’s pilot, Unwelcome to Gold Marrow, which is available online for free on skailla.deviantart.com
My goal here is to work as much as I can into writing and making this comic come to life together with you guys, now renewed and full of surprises that await you!

But now, the REAL adventure begins!

I’ve graduated this year from university and finally have the chance to work on reaching my dream: creating stories, illustrations and comics for you to read and enjoy!

And that’s why it'd be amazing to have you as a part of this journey. I work alone as a writer and artist for the comic, which is a very demanding job. Any support will guarantee that I can work more and spend more time making this as perfect as I can, while you can get awesome rewards in return like:

  • Exclusive drawings and sketches
  • Up and Ahead concept art of all sorts
  • See full illustrations before everyone else
  • Sketches of your characters
  • Exclusive polls
  • And many more goodies!

Your support means the world to me, and I thank you in advance for all the love and care you give me. You guys are the reason I'm fighting for this dream. Thank you.

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