Derek Schmidt

is creating memes, electronic music, free services, and really bad code




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You probably know me from masterpieces such as the Peepo remix, the Globgogabgalab remix, or some meme you promptly stole. I also co-run a mastodon instance and a peertube instance and a bunch more web based nonsense (which is probably the real reason you're here).

In short, I'm a multi-format, open-source and Commons loving creator making 
  • Electronic Music
  • dank memes
  • The worst code you've ever seen
  • Technology and taco bell lifestyle videos
  • Free internet services that don't scrounge your data
and combinations thereof.

I'm 100% down providing these for free, but capitalism means that I need money to eat, so somebody has to bear the weight of my taco addiction. Make that you, and I can offer something to say thanks, but the real reason to donate is to allow me to continue offering my services for free.
$0 of $120 per month
No out of pocket costs!
This allows offering the current level of services entirely by community support - making these services must more robust, as it no longer depends on my ability to keep a day job.
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