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About Skeleton Crew Sailing

It’s a dark, ironic fact that the transition for military personnel into civilian life can be more deadly than combat itself. However, Skeleton Crew Sailing is making a feature-length documentary film that will spread awareness about this epidemic through the compelling narrative of one veteran’s odyssey sailing around Cape Horn. We've made it to the doorstep of Patagonia - we're practically knocking on the door to Cape Horn - and our patrons will be the first to see footage of us in those uncharted waters!

Taylor Grieger is a former naval rescue swimmer who was diagnosed with complex PTSD several months after his release from the Navy. Upon his return to the U.S., Taylor was given little-to-no guidance on how to cope with his condition, while simultaneously having to confront the stigmas attached to veterans with PTSD. He was alone, adrift, and sinking into depression.

Despite his mental duress, Taylor is a man of big dreams and action, who decided to confront his PTSD head on with an ambitious adventure. He set out to conquer his childhood ambition of sailing the harshest waters known to man. He exhausted his life savings on a dilapidated, 36-foot Watkins sailboat and spent the next nine months reinforcing the hull, refurbishing the interior, and replacing the sails and rigging.

To better understand his PTSD, he reached out to a former high school swimming pal, writer Stephen O’Shea, who had just completed a collection of short stories based upon the narratives of American soldiers who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Through his conversations with Stephen, Taylor realized that he was not alone in his battle against PTSD. The two partnered on this life-changing sailing adventure to make a difference. Together, the veteran and writer have been documenting their journey from the very start. The results are startling: a combination of you-are-there action footage (including the team battling Hurricane Harvey), mixed with quiet, honest reflection about the purpose of the journey and the impact it is having on Taylor and Stephen.

In addition to highlighting the problems veterans face upon returning home, Skeleton Crew Sailing is opening a dialogue about how we can end the epidemic of veteran suicides by bringing civilians and veterans together, encouraging empathy, and building a community that demands change.

Partnering with Freshfly Films, an established producer of documentary films, this documentary and our videos will have a long and healthy life beyond the theaters it plays in. It will be a tool for change. Together, Taylor and Stephen will tour the nation, screening at conferences, film festivals, and on military bases – where we will offer services for, and spread awareness about, PTSD. Like Taylor, veterans worldwide will see/feel that they are not alone, that the symptoms attached to their transition are normal, and that the stigmas attached to PTSD are just that: stigmas.

Using top-of-the-line DSLR cameras, multiple GoPros, and a MavicPro drone, Taylor and Stephen are capturing and documenting this expedition on a scale that has never before been done. These videos feature footage of seas that have yet to be captured with 4K, in remote corners of the world that are only accessible by sailboat. Season 2 will be a beautifully crafted series, with strong visuals, remarkable characters, and dramatic editing. It will tell a powerful and universal message of pain, struggle and, ultimately, hope.

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With this kind of support, our dream of turning this expedition and all of our footage into a feature-length documentary capable of reaching veterans around the world will become a reality. Not only will our story reach hundreds of thousands of people beyond Patreon, but our aim to spread awareness of veteran suicides and to promote support programs like Mission 22 will have become an enormous success!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 9 exclusive posts
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