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Thanks message and a special desktop illustration for your help! Your choice of "THE TALE OF DUKE AND TAMARA"、 "RELIC HUNTER:RIVEN"、or "ELEMENT 5".
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Let's start off simple. With 5 bucks, I'll start with your choice of the character from any of my comic series drawn with a thank you message! You can also help vote on directions of stories or what kind of fanart I should draw.
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This group, is a bigger thanks. All from previous tier rewards are done for you but we will work to do special drawing sessions to include you, and you will get top runnings for any mailed off comics or swag.... if I can make some. 



About SKETCHFro!

I love comics... plain and simple. I draw every day and I keep a sketchpad with me all the time. I'm thinking of new stories and new ideas all the time, and I want to spend more of my time at my desk, drawing new stories that people can enjoy. If you support me, I'll be able to do more comics to show people, and maybe start doing things like selling my own books worldwide, new illustrations and even experimenting in different kinds of stories and project ideas. I want to make comics, so I hope you will read them.

With PATREON, my goal is to support making chapters and comics for RELIC HUNTER: RIVEN, but at the same time, I want to get back to ideas to DUKE AND TAMARA and create new isles for them to fly to and discover, as well as maybe creating more stories for the world of ELEMENT 5. (I'm actually happy that the 50 paged one-shot came out well.) 

On Patreon, for $1+, you'll see all post, plus the exclusive ones that will show development sketches, planning, drawing videos, and more. The goal is that if pledges are hit, I'll compile pages together and produce PDF versions for supporters HERE ONLY! So I produce as much as I can, and those who want it, can get it here!

Things will be constantly changing, but as of now, '''RELIC HUNTER: RIVEN''' is in development, and I'll post more information for the other stories too! So if you are interested in more stories, be a part of the community and talk about it! Let me know what you think.
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If there is more support and we make it here, Ill use the money to make a real PDF version and interested PATREON supporters can nab the copies developed before they run out.
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