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Hi, my name is Boris, I live in Bangkok, Thailand. In 2017, I quit my job to become an artist because I want to entertain people and make them think. I work as an English and French teacher to pay my bills but my goal is to make a living from my art, by producing independent content and by teaching people how to draw.  

I believe that by creating independent content, and by teaching people how to create we can help people bond over projects and keep progressive conversations going. 

What do I offer?
-I make comedic comic strips, cartoons
-I make drawing tutorial videos
-I publish webcomics (like TECH which is currently on WEBTOON application)
-I make podcasts and videos with my friends about movies, philosophy and life as a creator.
if you are still reading this, check out my posts and  the benefits I have waiting for you if you like the way I see the world, and you want to say : "Hey I like your work, keep it up" please consider supporting me. 

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