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Hi, my name is Sung Woo Park and welcome to Sketchware!

Thank you so much for finding our Patreon page. I am one of the creators of Sketchware, an Android app that lets you develop your own Android applications... on your smartphone! Sketchware is a tool that lets your imaginations come to life, and it has a very low learning curve compared to other methods of app development. Since Sketchware is a tool, not an app-creating service, you can use it to create thousands of different, creative applications on your phone just by installing it from the Play Store and tinkering around with it.


Our idea wasn't about success, it was about change.

We started Sketchware in 2016, in the hopes of creating the most convenient and flexible app development tool for people without extensive programming background knowledge.

At the time, the field of app development was rapidly growing, but it was very difficult for everyday people to experience the fun of it. We wanted to create a tool that transformed people into app developers at the expense of a single tap.


If you become a patron, there's a bunch of stuff you can look forward to. Get invited to our supporter-only Discord channel, join our monthly live stream, have higher priority in your feature requests, or pledge to just help us maintain the server cost.


Yes. We currently have a 1.99$/mo subscription. But please read our story below.

The current founders quit their original jobs to bring this idea to life for about 2 years without any monetary compensation. After, we did receive some funding, but it was difficult for us to continue building Sketchware while sustaining ourselves.

If you already are or have been a Sketchware user, you may have noticed some paid features being added/removed during the growth. We worked tirelessly to balance out the income and expense, but it has reached a point where it is difficult to even sustain our office space.

Sketchware is in danger of closing down soon if we can’t raise the funds to continue. We really want to keep Sketchware a freeware, yet our income is not enough to continue the service.

We need approximately 3,500 patrons for current developers and founders to continue developing Sketchware, pay for office bills, servers, and most importantly, feed our families. If we reach the goal, we promise to try our best to head towards the goal of keeping Sketchware free for everyone.

We always have, and will continue to welcome your suggestions and feedback to help us improve. :)

Thank you for all the love,


Here are some showcases of awesome things that our users made :-)

You can find more awesome creations on YouTube by searching "Sketchware"!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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