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About Sketchy Beats

Sketchy Beats Cafe is a non-profit arts space in Leith, Edinburgh. The place is an open platform for creatives of any kind to use and share their ideas. Having started off as a monthly life drawing session (featuring a live musician, an improv dancer and a live DJ) in the basement of a restaurant on Leith Walk, money was raised through a crowdfunding campaign to open a permanent space where creative events could take place all the time - created by the people, for the people.

The main aims behind the space are to make it accessible and affordable to people who might have never organized events before or performed in public before. It acts like a stepping stone, allowing creative people to test out and share their ideas with like-minded people, building confidence and making connections.

To keep the space affordable and available to people who are in financially unstable situations, we don't charge anything to book the space and we keep all our prices as low as possible, so that money is not an obstacle preventing people from pursuing a creative idea.

Each month we have to turnover £1,121 to cover the monthly expenditure of the running the space. The things we have to pay for each month are the rent for the premises, electricity, water,  internet, mixed and glass recycling collections, cafe insurance, phone bill, stock for the cafe and finally, repairs to equipment. No one gets paid a wage, we offer our time voluntarily. Most months we just about scrape this together, thanks to payments for hot drinks, corkage and your generous donations. We are honestly so grateful for every donation left in the cafe, whether it's a musical instrument, a speaker or amp, books for the book swap, artwork to put up on the walls or a bit of change in the donations jar. Without them, the cafe would be nothing!

We don't want to increase our prices or charge to book the space, as it goes against the principles of the place. Since the cafe was born out of crowdfunding, we think this is our best option going forward and it's in line with the ethos of the cafe: for the people, by the people! One day in the future, you never know, maybe Patreon will provide enough money to make everything in the cafe free for everyone! Imagine that... It's still a long way away but something to aspire towards.

Testimonials (some of the reviews posted on the Facebook page):

Jen Lynn Davis (5 star) 10 March 2016
I can:t believe a place like this exists in Edinburgh. Surreal, cool, quirky, and stays open late at the weekend. Phenomenal live music acts, and really really good DJs, and they also serve food, and encourage your creativity!

Lu Paternó Castello (5 star) 22 March 2016

Best vibez in town, a new community of creatives is rising and shining thanks to Sketchy Beats, also best veg wraps ever!

Leeanne Price (5 star) 9 September 2016

What an amazing place. The jam sessions were awesome, the hosts were lovely and the cous cous was well tasty. Wee gem of a place.

Carrie Beattie (5 star) 11 September 2016

Great wee place, fab experience playing, warm welcome & lovely vibe. Will def not be a stranger as there is lots going on

Kirsty Heggie (5 star) 13 September 2016

This place has such a comforting atmosphere and great creative network. Always interesting events and the best chill out area downstairs too. So much appeal and potential. I hope it continues for a long time. One of my favourite venues in Edinburgh. I keep meaning to spend more time here!

Daniel Brown (5 star) 23 September 2016
What a venue
Great vibes & Great music....
I love that local musicians are encouraged to come here & play
Full on 5 Stars, The Staff are awesome, The Coffee's Damn good too
Get along & give it a look. Thursday is my personal favourite :)

Wullie Steele (5 star) 18 October 2016
With the first anniversary of the cafe's opening just around the corner it has to be acknowledged what a cracking wee venue it has grown into over the last twelve months.
Lively, fun but always laid back and easy going - Sketchy Beats Cafe has been both an inspiration and launching pad for so many artistic, musical and social events and endeavours it can be hard to remember it has only been around for a single year.
Well done to Cosima and everyone who's hard work and effort has made the cafe such a warm and inviting hame from hame for so many creatives!

Greg Nicolson (5 star) 21 October 2016
The most chilled out, laid back place in the city! A hotbed for budding artists and a pleasure to witness from the ground up

Ross Houston (5 star) 21 October 2016

Never been in a place like it!! Lovely staff, loving atmosphere, lovely food and you can be yourself!!
Sketchy Beats Cafe is where its at!!

Gary Magizmo (5 star) 21 October 2016
Like a second home! Played in the cafe quite a few times and every time just gets better and better! Wish it was in Coatbridge!!!

Xav Splinter (5 star) 28 March 2017
If you love art and/or music, and if you are open minded, and have a positiv soul, this is the place to be !

Andrew R Burns (5 star) 16 April 2017
Great laid back venue, excellent for small intimate gigs. The place in covered in local art, as far as I'm aware they do a bunch of other classes and groups throughout the week and weekend, from drawing classes and other themed nights.
The people that run Sketchy beats are lovely and it's a great place for meeting other musicians/artists and people interested in the local scene

Montse Pearce (5 star) 19 June 2017
I think it's a great wee unique venue. Cafe vibes upstairs and music usually downstairs. Great mixed bag of arty events and good vibing people. Xxx

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