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About Sketchy Trails


My name is Kristina Wayte, I am mainly known for my mountain bike artwork but I love to draw all things. Under the title, Sketchy Trails, I strive to capture what myself and my fellow riders experience. I hope my artwork can take you back onto the trails when you are not there. 

I spend most of my time and artistic energy towards client work. I am seeking funding to be able to continue creating the comic and creative freedom! (I do love all the awesome jobs I get, but creating something for yourself is totally different)

You can view a selection of my work and merch at and even more at Instagram

What you can expect from me:

- Process work. I create a bunch of rough sketches. I will share these scribbles with you.
 Videos of the drawing process. I won't stream the boring parts (i.e. staring at the ceiling brainstorming) I do a lot of live streams on Instagram, so you will have continued access to those streams. I will create some for Patrons only as well.
- High resolution comic when completed

- Working on Volume 2 at the moment!

- This Patreon is set up to charge only finished Comic posts. All the process posts are no-charge. I don't post too often and won't be more than 1-2 a month if any.

- Thanks so much for your support! <3 K

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