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The Neophytes
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This tier is for the people who genuinely enjoy my content, watch my streams, check my YouTube, and want to show more support by donating directly to me and helping my family.  By becoming a Neophyte, I'll also exchange friend requests in whatever game you want so we can occasionally play together.
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The Focus
per month
Truthfully, this tier is just like the last tier, only with the promise that I can help with content in a game one day of the month guaranteed.  If they play Destiny 2 and need to clear the Last Wish Raid, I can help them get through it.  If they need help to clear Uber Elder in Path of Exile, I'll do it for them.
Includes Discord benefits
The Divine
per month
Truly, if you can donate afford to donate $50 a month, you are a godlike human being.  You would be supporting me, and my family, in a huge way.  In order to return the favor, moderator status will be provided in both Discord and Twitch chat rooms along with deeper integration into the community.  We can stream together, game together, and even chat about starting a brand and work towards making streaming a full-time job with a sustainable income.
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My name is David, but I go by Skinny when playing PC or console games.  I'm 31 years old, live in New York, love my Wife, my Daughter, and VIDEO GAMES!  I've always loved video games, so making the decision to try my hand at content creation was not the first choice I had in mind, but it worked out with the situation I have going on now.

I've been a stay at home Dad now for the past year or so, and that means I have a lot of time on my hands during the day when my daughter is at school and my wife is at work.  Since I always worked with graphic and web design, along with video editing when I was in my early 20s, I thought I'd take a shot and try streaming one of the things I love the most - gaming!  And it came to me pretty naturally.

That's what this Patreon is about.  I still don't have a sub button on Twitch, so anyone who genuinely enjoys the content that I create and wants to support me, becoming a Patreon will be the most direct and beneficial way of doing so.  Any support is greatly appreciated, and all donations will be used to benefit the stream, family, or maybe even buying some Cinnamon Toast Crunch for my daughter :)
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