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Hey everyone,

My name is Brent Skinner and I am an artist and an animator. At the moment I am still endeavouring to build my 'brand' and break into the industry. The concern at the moment is funding my artistic endeavours as at the moment I am entirely out of pocket creating content and quite often the term 'starving artist' comes to mind. My goal isn't to become a big household name but rather to become self sufficient to the point that I no longer have to worry where my next paycheck is coming from so that I can concentrate on furthering my artwork to continue creating content of increasing quality.

For the last year I have been drawing a portrait almost every day from shows and movies that have influenced me creatively. These are all hand drawn on A3 paper with alcohol markers and then scanned. This 'project' originally started entirely for fun as a way to wind down from my shifts at work but quickly blew up to the point where I honestly couldn't stop if I tried. 

Recently I have been stretching into ink studies of the boss creatures from Dark Souls and I am looking to delve into these at a fairly constant rate. The idea here is to allow patrons to have input on where I go from here and so I have a reward tier devoted to expanding this series with weekly voting, at the moment I am looking to have a community driven 'which NPC should I draw' poll once a week but really that can expand greatly to 'which boss should I take on next in this point of the story'.
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