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“Hey. Hey, Max, you need to wake up.”
“What? What is going on? It’s the middle of the night. Let me sleep.”
“No, you need to wake up. The auroras are back!”
“I’ve seen them. Let me sleep.”
“No, you haven’t seen them like this.”
The ice cold floor burned his feet as they touched the ground. He could see his little brother, Thomas, standing in the middle of the room, illuminated by the shimmering sky peeking through the window.
“Come on, hurry up! We might miss them!”
“Relax, let me get my clothes on first.”

The air stung his lungs as he stepped out into the night. The town was quiet, almost too quiet, but he barely noticed it. The sky above him was dancing. He could almost hear the sky sparking as the light moved like visible shadows across the sky.
“Oh my God.” He whispered. “Thank you for waking me up.”
“I knew you didn’t want to miss this.” Thomas grinned as he stared at the sky. The aurora looked like it came pouring down from the mountain next to the village, in colours they had never seen before; white pillars shot down towards them while clinging on to the red and purple carpet that slithered across the sky. The once black vault was covered in a eerie, light green with new strings of pillars appearing all over the sky, stretching to reach the ground. Maximilian turned his head and followed the intoxicating lights all the way behind the mountains in the horizon.
“What do you think it will bring?” Thomas nearly whispered. Max looked down at him for a moment and smiled.
“I have no idea. With this amount, it can be easily be everything we have ever dreamed of.”
They stood out in the cold, feeling their necks ache as they stared mesmerized at the sky and just as sudden as it arrived, the auroras faded away, leaving the stars behind as a bleak memory of the majestic light that had just covered the entire night sky.

Welcome into my mind!

Thank you for finding your way to my newly made Patreon-page! Had I know such a site like this existed, I would have been here from the beginning, but we all have to start somewhere, right? So who is this girl typing, you might wonder? Well, to be blunt, I am no one. No one in particular or of importance at least. It’s a bummer to be honest, as my mind has been creating stories from the moment I could think for myself. By now I have reached the age of 30, and my mind is still pouring out story after story that is craving to find its way out into the world. One day, far into the future, I know my stories will find their way to the theaters in the form of screenplays written by, of course, me, but until that day arrives, I will write and create whatever pops up in my mind no matter how bad or confusing they are. 

Why am I on Patreon? Good question. Well, first of all, we all want to make a living of what we create, right? And until that day comes where you can quit your dayjob to do the thing you love the most, you have to work and earn an income and have food on the table. For my part, in order to have food on the table and pay my bills, I need three jobs. One main job, and two extras. This gives me minimum time to do what my heart wants; creating new content and new worlds and soar into this wonderful world that is my mind. If I could in this moment make it in this world without a day job, I would quit immediately. But I can’t without starving. So I am here on Patreon, praying that my stories will be enough for some of you to help me along the way by pledging, so that I can quit at least one of the jobs that holds me back from reaching my full potential as a writer. When you know the meaning of your own life, it’s painful to feel stuck between three jobs and to have to follow your dream when you come home too tired to even eat.
Second of all, and most importantly,I want to share my imagination with you guys and any other that want to see it! My biggest wish is for my stories to reach millions of people and give them an insight to my mind. I want to create fantasy novels that lets people escape from reality for a brief moment and I want people to be inspired to do the same; to follow their own dreams and have just as an amazing life as I want for myself. That is all I want. And with your curiosity and your pledge, I might one day have exactly that. 
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With 500 dollars, I can quit both of my extra jobs, and have more time to write and create new stories for the pleasure of both myself and you guys. 
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